Empire In Peril

A new range of 28mm miniatures (1/56 scale) that depicts the defeat of Britain at the hand of an invading German army at the turn of the 19th century. Over a hundred years since the publication of one of the most popular examples of the invasion-scare genre: Saki’s When William Came (1913), famous account imagines the defeat of Britain at the hand of an invading German army.

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Latest News

The next figures for release are almost complete and depict mounted Legionnaires on their mules,the final pack will contain two mounted Legionnaires along with two legionnaires on foot.

Mounted Legionnaires (la Montee) were the elite units, with men volunteering,  one mule (brele) being assigned to every two men, with them changing every hour. They could maintain a pace of about 4mph and cover 50 miles (80Km) in a day.

There will be two variants of the mounted figure along with two variatns of the Legionaires on foot. We will also be producing a number of different pack mules, the example here has water casks.

They should be avialable from Mike @ BlackHat from mid November 2014.

Next Release for Exotic Adventures

green-walkingwithbottleThe next batch of figures for the Exotic Adventures range are being sculptured, this release will focus on mounted French Foreign Legionnaires.

The mounted Legionaries were the elite of their time, providing a rapid response capability across hard, rugged environments. The average length of service was two years, and the force was composed of entirely volunteers. One mounted on a mule and the other on foot, they would fast march like this, changing position every hour ,allowing the mounted legionnaire a rest.

This release will consist of two individual pairs of mounted Legionnaires, producing 4 unique figures.

The figures are being sculpted by Bob of eBob Miniatures, the example here is of a mounted Legionnaire marching beside his mule.