A long wait for the 1889 model ambulance….

A long wait for the 1889 model ambulance….

The 28mm miniature mule drawn ambulance is almost complete, the production moulds are complete, the plan is to release it in September 2016, the final release will also include a driver, sat on a mule, rather than the front seat. I started making the masters for this back in early 2104, I am really pleased with the way it’s turned out, the design will work for Wild West through to WW1.

There will be a pack of injured legionnaires to go with the ambulance, these will make excellent casualty markers or vignettes. The pack consists of a pair or legionnaires carrying a colleague on a stretcher and a second pair where a legionnaire is giving a wounded legionnaire a drink from his canteen.File_003

There is a unique figure of a French Foreign Legion Surgeon, with his bone saw, this will only be available in the pack with the Ambulance and the medic party, which will consist of the ambulance, two mules and 7 figures, a really great set – full of character.

The packs to be released in September 2016 will be…

  • FFL20 – Injured Legionnaires – 5 figures
  • FFL21 – 1889 Ambulance and two mules
  • FFL22 – 1889 Ambulance and medic party – including Surgeon

Future Releases

The future releases for the Exotic Adventures range will include;

  • Mounted French Foreign Legion command – an officer on a horse and a Sergeant mounted on a mule.
  • Tuaregs mounted on horses.
  • Mounted Legionnaires (II) – this will also include a new pose for their mule to add variation.
  • A new North African building.
  • 80mm mountain gun on mule train with 4 legionnaires.

I’m always happy to hear your views on what packs should be added, please either leave a comment or drop me an email.

Kind Regards

Mark @ Unfeasibly

Posted by Mark Lowther


    Oct 08


    Fantastic range of figures and buildings Mark. Saw them at Salute in April and been hooked on the French Foreign Legion ever since.

    WW2, usually my fave period, has had to take a back seat for the time being.

    All the best


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