Getting there, slowly

Getting there, slowly

I am slowly getting everything together, however never quire getting anything finished, I’ve decided to concentrate on 4 avenues to push (promote) Unfeasibly, not quite a Social Media Strategy, just a case of using each to drive awareness, create a following and a means to maintain interest and hopefully generate a few more sales at Black Hat Miniatures.

The 4 avenues are:

  1. Unfeasibly Web Site – this will be the main place for news, updates, hi-res photos and a click through to the shop, since your reading this something is working.
  2. Facebook – small snippets of news, the odd competition, the purpose to be part of an active community interested in Historical & Pulp wargaming and a means to raise awareness.
  3. Forums – the main two being Lead Adventure & Steve Dean’s, both great forums, showcasing the best aspects of the hobby. I post on both under the handle of Unfeasibly, mainly about new releases and ideas for  forthcoming releases.
  4. Twitter –  the odd tweet from @Unfeasibly on things that I find interesting whilst out and about, will always try and include a photo, however don’t expect me to twitter away constantly.


So this weekend I’ve been working on Facebook, I must admit there are aspects I like, especially how easy it is to connect with individuals, so below is a link to my FaceBook page – I still not sure if I just need a page and a full profile – time will tell.


On my next post, the website will be completed  – as my father says I’ll believe it when I see it


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