At Unfeasibly, we design & produce highly accurate, true scale (1/56) 28mm miniatures in white metal (pewter), for wargames, modellers, collectors and commercial use (subject to the terms of our Commercial License).

Our Ranges

The new Empire In Peril range, depicts the Imperial German Army of Kaiser Wilhelm II in the period 1890 to 1910. During this period, the uniforms were ablaze in colour, particularly the mounted regiments. The Garde and Cavalry units were the elite and, therefore, were brightly adorned. The goal of The Kaiser was a large Empire, with ambitious plans for the invasion of Britain or the USA, however never enacted upon, perfect for what if scenarios from skirmish up to campaign.

Our 1st KICKSTARTER campaign for Empire in Peril Range of 28mm miniatures was successfully funded –  more here 

The Exotic Adventures range, depicts the French Foreign Legion at the turn of the 19th Century in Northern Africa, immortalised in the stories of Beau Geste by P.C. Wren. The range includes Tuareg Berbers, who resisted the French colonial invasion of their central Saharan homelands.

Future, additional, ranges will cover both historical and pulp inspired themes.


28mm French Foreign Legion , 80mm De Bange gun and crew

80mm De Bange gun and French Foreign Legion crew (1870-1910). Even the French Foreign Legion need fire support, and now they have it in the form of a De Bange 80mm mountain gun. Firing a high explosive shell and relatively lightweight (it could be carried by mules), the aptly named ‘De Bange’ was the ideal weapon for the Légion Étrangèr on campaign This will be released as pack FFL10 – 80mm ‘De Bange’ Mountain gun & crew


New Recruits – Laurel & Hardy (FFLC1). The first of the Character Sets for the Exotic Adventures range by Unfeasibly Miniatures depicts Laurel & Hardy from their classic film Beau Hunks. Our sculptor has created 28mm true scale (1/56) miniatures of the Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, capturing their relaxed posses as Legionnaires in the French Foreign Legion. These are available to buy now via the shop.